Truth – Legends / Do you remember?

(To my husband in the Ninth Fort)

Do you remember the lovely days of May
When the sun shone down on us from on high?
When you swore your eternal love,
But tell me, my love, how you feel today?

Do you remember, Alter, those lovely words
You whispered on those marvellous nights?
We wove our dreams of happiness and bliss
And did not know that fate could be so cruel.

Destiny came between us, leaving us apart.
Suffering from the bliss that has passed.
Oh, Fate, bring us together again
And swiftly return our happiness!

My love lies on a terribly hard bunk
His thoughts are with me and his heart is bitter!
Sleep, sleep sweetly, my love, and dream
Of the wondrous nights, of our bliss in the past.