Truth – Legends / Evidence from Diaries

The General Secretary of the National Lithuanian Party, Zenonas Blynas, noted in his diary:

November 26, 1941

Brunius* and Vilius* recalled that many Jews were brought to the Ninth Fort from Germany. Others say from Czechoslovakia. Some of them were already shot. One woman said: "One shot and it is all over." Whoever managed to take their suitcase from the train, left it for the time being. Those who did not manage – were not allowed to. What else? The Germans want to turn Lithuania into the Jewish cemetery of Europe.

November 29, 1941

The Jews who have just been shot by the First Battalion came from Czechoslovakia. There are many Brazilians and Argentinians with visas. They are told that they are being placed in "quarantine." Taking into consideration the order regarding the Jews, just published in the I Laisve (To Freedom), no.136 for November 29, 1941, it seems that they forgo their "citizenship," receive visas, are taken into "quarantine" – everything is done according to the law – and they disappear on the way. The First Battalion put them in order.


The eye doctor Helena Kutergiene-Buividaite, a member of the underground movement in Kovno who was in close contact with Chaim Yellin and the anti-Fascist partisan underground movement in the ghetto, writes in her diary:

December 4, 1941

Tens of thousands of Jews from abroad were brought here. I saw them walking with their suitcases, many of them well dressed. Young men and women in good spirits; relaxed. They observe everything around them. They look at our city with curiosity. They were told that they were brought to work and were ordered to bring their best clothing with them. Afterwards they were murdered at the Ninth Fort. It was said that these young people had no suspicions of anything bad happening to them and they even danced in the evenings. On the following day, they were taken in groups of fifty and shot. Lithuania earned the label "the cemetery of the European Jews."

Reich Marshall Hermann Goering, who was appointed Hitler's successor on September 1, 1939, was given responsibility by Hitler for the "Jewish problem." On July 31, 1941 he instructed the commander of the Security Police and the SD, SS Gruppenführer Reinhardt Heidrich, to prepare the "Final Solution" to the "Jewish problem." Thus began the deportations and mass murder of the Jews of Europe.

*Brunius Klemans – Deputy Chairman of the Lithuanian Nationalist Party.
*Ignas Vilius-Velavitchius – Commander of the Kovno prison, who carried out the murders at the Ninth Fort.