Truth – Legends / Expulsion Campaigns

On October 14, 1941, the evacuation of masses of German Jews to Kovno, Lodz, Minsk and Riga, began. Head of the civilian police forces, SS General (Obergruppenführer) Kurt Daluege, writes in an urgent letter to the chiefs of the Security Police and the SD, as well as to a series of police chiefs in other cities " the period between November 1 and December 4, 1941, the Security Services of the Old Reich, the Eastern areas (Ostmark) and the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, will send 50,000 Jews eastward, to the neighborhood of Riga and Minsk. The shipments will be made by rail, a thousand in each shipment. The railways for this purpose will be organized in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Dortmund, Munster, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt-am-Main, Kassel, Stuttgart, Nurnberg, Munich, Vienna, Breslau, Prague and Brno.... Signed: Daluege."

In the report on one step in the evacuation to Riga, Captain Saliter of the police writes: “Dusseldorf, 26.12.41...with regard to the shipment of Jews on 11.12.41...intended to reach Riga at 23.35 on the 23.12... I have discovered that these Jews were not supposed to be sent to the Riga ghetto...”

SS Brigadier General (Brigadeführer) and Commander of Operative Groups (Einsatzgrüppen) “A," Franz Walter Stahlecker, who was later appointed chief commander of the SS in the ministry for eastern areas (Ostland), writes in Report No. 151 of January 3, 1942: "The first five shipments (expelled from the Reich), intended for Riga, have been sent to Kovno...”

Zenonas Blynas writes in his diary:

December 13, 1941

I cannot stand the fact that Lithuania is being turned into a mortuary of a cemetery, in which we are repeatedly forced to shoot Jews who left Germany with visas, that we are shooting other people, that we are becoming hired assassins, that we are being filmed, while the Germans do not film themselves. I cannot bear such despicable behavior. 

On January 11, 1942, the following announcement was made in the ghetto:

“SS Captain Jordan’s Order of 11.1.42:

The area covering Demokratu – Vienozinskio Streets (some 2000 inhabitants) must be evacuated today before 16:00 for Jews coming from Germany.

The Jewish Council”   

The Germans allowed only three hours for this evacuation process, saying that they would have to place three thousand Jews from Vienna in this area. They were already at the railway station. Indeed, their fate was similar to that of other Jews who were brought from abroad and marched through the town supposedly to the ghetto but actually straight to the Ninth Fort.

The area evacuated with such haste for the Viennese Jews was left unoccupied for quite a time. Afterwards the Jews were permitted to return to their abandoned houses. Were the Jews in this shipment really from Vienna or had their train merely passed through Vienna in order to reach Kovno, and its passengers murdered at the Ninth Fort? The answer to this question was supplied by Zenonas Blynas in his diary:

January 12, 1942

I heard that in Lithuania strong and handsome Jews are being brought from Czechoslovakia and shot. A drunken soldier "raged" at the fact that they did not want to dig their own graves and do not want to enter these graves. They stand by, holding hands and singing the Czech anthem. An eternal curse on such officers!   In the report on discussions held on March 5, 1942, at the main office of the Security Forces in Dusseldorf, B IV, in the speech made by SS Lieutenant Colonel Adolf Eichmann, he mentions the evacuation of a further 55,000 Jews.