Truth – Legends / The four friends…
The four friends who decided to go to the village of Sargenai later split up. Shimon Eidlson, Tuvia Pilovnik, Aharon Vilentchuk and Aharon Maneiskin intended to make their way to the ghetto not by road, but through the snow-covered fields.  They plodded along slowly and when they were finally in sight of the ghetto, it appeared to them that it was surrounded by Germans.  They therefore decided not to take the risk of crawling through the fence. Tuvia intended to join his work group and enter the ghetto with them the next day.  The other three did not go with him.  It was necessary to cross Slobodka Bridge, which involved great danger. The bridge was guarded by the police.
Eidlson and Vilentchuk decided to go to Versvai. Versvai lay some four kilometers from the town of Kovno, on the banks of the river Neman, and its pine forest was a famous place of tranquility where the Jews of Kovno used to go during the summer.  Shimon knew a farmer there.  Within two hours they reached the home of this farmer, climbed up into the loft and hid in the straw.
In the morning, when the farmer climbed up into the loft to get hay for his cow, he could smell that someone was there… The two friends stank of the rotten “dolls” in the Ninth Fort. Eidlson gave the farmer the gold teeth that he had and the farmer allowed them to stay in the loft until nightfall.
When darkness fell, they left and went to the ghetto.  They waited for the right moment, when the guards alongside the ghetto fence separated and went in opposite directions, and then they ran across the road and crawled through the fence into the ghetto.
Tuvia Pilovnik succeeded in getting into the ghetto with his work group, his face smeared with soot. Aharon Maneiskin also succeeded, after a number of experiences on his way from Sargenai, in infiltrating into the ghetto.