Truth – Legends / Rudi, Rudolf, Franz Radif

And indeed Radif did excel himself during the imprisonment of the Jewish police in the Children’s Action in Kovno ghetto. In my research in the German archives, in the central office of the State Legal Authority in Ludwigsburg, I found the testimony of the former Jewish policeman in Kovno ghetto, Yehoshua Rosenfeld. His testimony was recorded on June 4, 1959 in Munich, by the jurists Michel and Greska Code (5-ARZ14/58), pp. 1085, 1087: “The first night, Kitel arrived together with Radif, the commander of the Ninth Fort. They went through the cells and demanded that the Jewish policemen tell them the hiding places of the children and the old people. Two people from one of the cells did so. On the third day they lined us up and took twenty-five people out of the ranks. Their clothes were later brought to the ghetto workshops. During the liquidation of the ghetto Radif personally shot three Jews.”
At the end of the war Radif cast off his Gestapo uniform and put on the dirty clothes of a simple soldier, joining the ranks of the defeated units, in retreat and hurrying to give themselves up to the Americans. On May 9, 1945 Radif was taken prisoner by the Americans near Pisek Forest. During the de-Nazification process it was determined that Radif had been active in the Gestapo. He admitted that he had in fact worked in the Gestapo in the town of Brno in Czechoslovakia.
The Americans, as was their custom, handed him over on May 30 to the NKVD in Czechoslovakia. In his interrogation he said that in March 1943 he was sent to Lithuania, to the head of the Gestapo, Standartenführer Jaeger. He was made responsible for industrial problems. He heard about the murder of the Jews in Kovno, but he did not participate in it personally. He did not mention the Ninth Fort and Action 1005 at all.
In 1946 he was put on trial for his acts in Brno. On the basis of proof from other members of the Gestapo in Brno, who participated with him in the various campaigns against the underground movement in Czechoslovakia, against partisans, the killing actions in the Koronitz almshouse and other acts of murder, Radif was sentenced to death by the special court in Brno and on January 8, 1947, at 16:00, the sentence was executed.