Truth – Legends / Miron Podolski
In Leningrad Mendl Deitch, the former partisan and hero of the Ninth Fort, found  the family of Alexander Podolski (Chailovski, Sashka, “Starshoi”), the brigadier (group leader) of the corpse-burners of the Ninth Fort. His brother Miron came to Mendl Deitch in Vilna as a guest. He also visited Veselnitzki and asked him for a report attesting to his brother’s actions in the Ninth Fort.  Veselnitzki told him that he hardly knew his brother and did not give him such a document, but advised him to go to Kovno and speak to me.
On February 1, Miron, the brother of Alexander Podolski, came to my place of work. We talked at length about his brother. I told him everything I knew about him, and what I had said about him in public and afterwards also written in my book. Finally, I told him, when summing up our conversation, that I could not give him a positive report of his brother’s activities in the Ninth Fort. Miron understood me well. He gave me a photograph of his brother and thus we parted.
Incidentally, Vladimir Sankin also did not give Miron a written opinion on his brother, even though the two of them came from the same town, Leningrad, and were prisoners of the Ninth Fort together since June 1942.
Veselnitzki's refusal to give Miron a report on his brother Alexander did not stop Miron, after he immigrated to Israel in 1971, from writing in the Lithuanian and Russian press in Lithuanian on different occasions about Veselnitzki's great friendship with Alexander Podolski and about “his actions” in the Ninth Fort.