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Bottom: In The Book on Lithuanian Jewry, Vol.4, the Holocaust 1941-1945, published by the Association of Lithuanians, (Tel Aviv, Israel, 1984) on page 151, there is an article by A. Faitelson entitled "The Ninth Fort." Prior to its publication, the editors decided to enable the escapees from the fort living in Israel to read and comment on the article. The following is the response of Michael Itzchaki (Gelbtrunk), of Kibbutz Tel-Itzchak, to the President of the Association:

To the Association of Lithuanians in Israel: To Mr. Jacob Oleiski, President: I am returning Comrade Faitelson's manuscript on the Ninth Fort and would like to confirm that everything happened as stated in the text.
Sincerely yours,
Michael Itzchaki (Gelbtrunk)
December 15, 1974