One of the Last Witnesses

60 year celebration of the end of World War II at the 9th Fort in Kaunas.
Alex F., one of the last survivors of the historic escape, arrived from Israel to become part of a gigantic photograph that will be arranged at the historic site, dealing with the dramatic events of the escape during Christmas 1943.
Before Alex comes to the set, he is told by the production the outline of the experiment that attempts to reconstruct selected moments of a past long gone, which for sure will confront Alex, one of the last survivors of this unspeakable horror, with the darkest moments he ever had to live through.  Yet Alex is willing to take the risk, since telling this truth has become his life's mission.
Alex, awaiting his moment to enter the picture, observes for several days the labor of crew and cast arranging scenes Alex recognizes as his own.  Observing what is happening in front of him brings up emotions that will be communicated by an inner monologue serving as a red thread leading from scene to scene.  .
Alex is walking the set, getting lost, finding himself in the long and endless tunnels that penetrate the Fort.  At the end of the tunnel, people covered in white linen are running past, probing the escape Alec successfully organized back in 1943.
Alex is sitting in the office of the documentation center, drinking coffee with the director, walking over to the trailer that is waiting for him, taking a nap.
Finally his personal assistant knocks at the door: his time is due.  Finally he finds himself becoming the central part of the photo-installation that in the end will mix crucial moments of the historic event with some trivial moments of contemporary life.  Alex's role is to give an interview, communicating the unwanted truth, and this may well be the moment when he begins to speak out loud for the very first time in the film that will complement the panoramic photo.

Burkhard von Harder,
Direktor - BVH Pictures GmbH, Berlin                                                                   
Vilnius, May 3, 2005