Truth – Legends / Declarations / V.J. Sankin

Dear Comrades!
I, Vladimir Josifovitch Sankin, am appealing to you as a former prisoner in the Ninth Fort, now living in Leningrad.
Twenty-five years have passed since that terrible autumn of 1941, when the fascist monsters began to annihilate Soviet citizens. There are no words to describe the suffering and torture which our people endured. Now it seems to us like a nightmare, but unfortunately it did indeed occur. I, who was miraculously saved from fascist captivity, saw with my own eyes how thousands of human beings were put to death.
The German fascists appointed themselves a superior race with the right to eradicate peoples. But they miscalculated! Our admirable Soviet army and the entire Soviet people have proven that one cannot bring a people to its knees by persecution and murder.
The fascists, who understood that they would have to assume responsibility for their crimes, tried to eradicate the traces of their massacres by making us, the prisoners of the Ninth Fort, burn the corpses of the innocent people they had murdered. They wanted to carry this out in absolute secrecy but they did not succeed.
On December 25, 1943, we, under the leadership of the komsomol organization, executed a mass escape of prison inmates and former prisoners of war from the Ninth Fort and told the whole world about the terrible things that occurred in this death camp.
Many of us afterward joined the ranks of the Soviet partisans and helped the Soviet forces to annihilate the fascist villains in their own lair.

24Saltikov Shtchedrin Street, Leningrad