Truth – Legends / Declarations / Hanna Bravo
Dear A. Faitelson,
I thank you very much for the book, In Sturm un Gerangl, authored by you and which you sent to me. As a member of the Underground Fighting Organization (AKO) in the ghetto, I was involved in all the events in the ghetto itself, and knew about the escape from the Ninth Fort, which you organized and led. Nonetheless, when I read the book my thoughts were with all my comrades and I experienced all the dangers and events, and with great anxiety I accompanied your every step. Such an impression the book made upon me, even though, as I said, it was not new to me.
The book is written in a very exhaustive manner, based on documents. It is a giant undertaking, for which you deserve congratulations. The book will certainly contribute a great deal to the history of the Jews in Lithuania and of the Holocaust in general.
Special praise is due to your wife Sima, for her talented and lively poetry. I am very happy that despite everything you and your family arrived at the “proper home," and once again I thank you.
I wish you health and happiness with your family, and pray that we may finally achieve a just and lasting peace, for the sake of the next generations.
Please give my particular good wishes to your Sima, and my appreciation of her poetry.
Hanna Bravo
Ramat Gan
November 14, 1993