Truth – Legends / Declarations / Dimitry Gelpern’s speech – October 14, 1993
In his appearance at the international conference dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of the destruction of the Vilna ghetto, held on October 11–16 1993 in Vilna, Dimitri (Dima) Gelpern spoke in his speech of the history the Anti-Fascist Fighting Organization (AKO) in Kovno ghetto. Here is an excerpt of his speech:
 “What I have said here are things that are known, but unfortunately there are no books or articles in which they are described objectively and correctly. What was published in Soviet Lithuania had, for understandable reasons, to undergo politicization. It might have been expected that the versions from outside the country would be more objective. But, sadly, most of them are distortions. To our gratification, Alex Faitelson’s book The Time of Storms and Fights has recently been published. The book makes an excellent impression. It is a large and serious book. We hope that many more such books will appear.”
One of the strongest accusations against the Nazis and anti-Semitic falsifiers of history. It is therefore even more important that this book should be published in the language that is common to the entire world – English. This will provide those who fight the Holocaust deniers with a powerful weapon.
I wish you success in the important task that you have undertaken. Extracts from Dima Gelpern’s letters to me, in which he writes about the book:
October 24, 1993:
I am reading and enjoying your book as I would savor a delicious candy.
December 4, 1993:
I read the book section by section. I think that it is all excellent. I have a few small comments, but they are for another time. Shulamit is reading the book on her own and finds it very interesting. It would obviously be a very good idea to publish it in Russian or Lithuanian.
June 5, 1994:
Slowly, but with great interest, I am reading your book. It is a serious work. It is true that I have a few comments. These relate mainly to the last period of time, after Chaim’s arrest. What about translating the book to Lithuanian and Russian?
January 6, 1995:
I like the Hebrew edition of the book very much indeed. It is much better than the Yiddish edition. Is there any hope that the book will be published in Russian, or at least in English?