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To participants in the campaign to publish in English
Alex (Alter) Faitelson’s book The Time of Storms and Fights

Dear Friends,
We all know what this book describes and the subject it deals with, so there is no need to repeat it. We all know, too, that the book The Time of Storms and Fights in its Yiddish original aroused great interest among the Jews of Lithuania, especially those who themselves lived though the Nazi period and the Holocaust. The original Yiddish version was followed by a Hebrew edition of the book – an attractive, expanded edition with new documentary material and photographs. The Hebrew version was also well-received by its readers, and for good reason: there is no other book published to date on the subject of the Nazi occupation, the murder of Jews, Jewish rebellion and struggle; there is no other book on the Holocaust in Lithuania, in all its aspects, where the subject is clarified in such detail as in Faitelson’s book. It is therefore no wonder that the idea came up to publish the book in English translation. First, so that the English-speaking children and grandchildren of Jews in the United States would know the real face of the Nazi beast, whose  main aim was to conquer the world and destroy the Jews wherever they were found. Our generation paid a heavy price wherever we fell into the grasp of the Nazis.
And another very important detail. Out in the world, neo-Nazism is spreading and taking hold, one of its main aims being to deny the Holocaust. The slogan of the neo-Nazis is that the Holocaust was a figment of Jewish imagination and that the claim of six million Jews cruelly slaughtered is “the biggest lie in the history of the world." For this reason, the remaining survivors of the ghettos and concentration camps are revealing the truth. Faitelson’s book is
Best regards,
January 2, 1995