Truth – Legends / Declarations / Letter from France
Ms. Eve Line Blum of France, who translated my book from English to French, wrote to the writer Meir Yellin in October 1997 with a number of queries relating to the events described in the book, and asked him to give her in-depth replies to her questions. In response to his request, she has not published his answers, for reasons which he gave at the end of his reply.
On Sunday, January 2, 2000 I visited Meir Yellin in hospital. He was in a very bad state. His wife Busia, who sat at his side, said to him: “Meir, look who has come to see you." Two eyes, whose life was almost extinguished, looked at me. “Ah, Alter Faitelson – what about your book in French? I am very seriously ill.”
I returned home, broken. That night I received a fax from France, telling me that the book had been published in French and was now on sale. The next day, January 3, Meir Yellin died, may his soul rest in peace.
After his death, and with his widow’s and daughter’s consent, Meir Yellin’s reply to Eve Line Blum’s letter is printed here below.