Truth – Legends / Declarations / Samuelis Rozinas, his rescuers and “The Rescuer”

The authors Meir Yellin and Dima Gelpern, in their book Kovno Ghetto and its Fighters (Vilna, 1969) describe a particular partisan incident:
“Six partisans from the Pirmin (Forward) unit were sent to carry out a combat mission. On May 28, 1944, in the Vievis area near Lake Anik?to, they were surrounded by reinforced police forces. In the battle, the partisans M. Beldin and L. Gerber were killed and Samuelis Rozinas was badly wounded. With the last of his strength he swam across the lake and fell unconscious among the bushes. This was seen from afar by the villager Karpavisius, who found him, gave him first aid and food, and brought him to the village of Pakalniskiai.?
The wounded partisan was taken in by Mikalauskien? who, with the help of her children, took great care of him until he recovered. Mikalauskien? dressed Rozinas as a villager and helped him to return to the partisan base.” (pp. 203–4)
Professor Sara Ginaite-Rubinson, who wanted to benefit from the glory surrounding the world-renowned artist Samuelis Rozinas, described the above event forty years later in her memoirs, published in Vilna in 1999 as an act of heroism and comradely devotion by her husband Meishe to his friend Samuelis Rozinas:

“One day we were informed that one of our partisans, Samuelis Rozinas (a draftsman and graphic artist), had been seriously wounded. It appeared that while carrying out his duties, in an exchange of fire, he was wounded and lost consciousness, and lay in the woods bleeding. A local woman, Mikalauskien?, found him there. She took care of him and treated his wounds. When he was better, we found out where Rozinas was. Meishe was sent to bring him from the village of Pakalniskiai.
Meishe Rubinson carried his young comrade-in-arms, who was not able to walk, on his back for forty kilometers. Later, Meishe used to joke and remind him:
'I carried you, weighing barely forty kilos, for forty kilometers.'" (p.161)

Shmuelis Rozinas wrote to me, in a letter dated August 5, 2003:

"On my way to the partisan base I entered the village of Inklari?kis, where the base of 'Genis' unit was. There I joined their wounded partisans. I was visited there by the commander of my unit, 'Forward,' by Captain Cheiko and the chief of staff, Senior Lieutenant Fediunin, and by the solicitous nurse Rivka Kagan. The 'Genis' unit was stationed eight to ten kilometers from the 'Forward' unit, which later moved to Kazlu-Ruda. I stayed in the 'Genis' unit to recuperate.
After a while, some partisans from the "Death to the Occupiers" unit came to collect me. I can't remember their names. At that time I was already feeling strong enough to walk on my own, without being helped. It was the last week of the war.
Two years ago I got a letter from Sara Ginaite-Rubinson, in which she asked me to describe my   last partisan mission, in which I was badly wounded. I didn't answer her letter. Sara decided, of her own accord and without my consent, to describe the incident herself, distorting the actual facts and events.
Everything Sara Ginaite-Rubinson wrote about me in her memoirs (Atminimo Knyga, p. 161) is a distortion of reality. Meishe Rubinson was not sent to the Vievis area and did not carry me on his back."

And to sum up:
This is The truth and nothing but the truth !