Truth – Legends

The reader will discover a number of legends and fables spread by people thinking only of themselves, whose only aim was to commemorate themselves at any price. Drunk with their own glorification, they did not stop to consider what damage they were causing, to history and to their descendants.
A version similar to the truth is an easy substitute for the truth. But the truth requires simple facts. If historical facts are involved, they must be confirmed by official archival documents. And if such documents are not to be found, version.
The Holocaust survivors, the fighters against the Nazis, and the partisans are already of an age when little time remains to them on this earth, and it is very hard for them to accept that the record of their experiences will reach their descendants in a distorted manner because of all those who, instead of remaining true to historical facts, create a mixture of anecdotes, rumors, gossip and fables.

  We Are Partisans  The Ninth Fort – The Fortress of Death
  Operation 1005  The Corpse-Burners
  The Selection  Do you remember?
  Erasing the Traces of Mass Murders  The Actions: Organized Mass Murder
  Kozlovski’s Provocation  Action in the Small Ghetto
  The Great Action – Like Sheep to the Slaughter  The great action - poem
  The Ninth Fort  The Reports of the Commander of the Jewish Ghetto Police
  Lithuania – The Cemetery of Jews from Abroad  Evidence from Diaries
  Expulsion Campaigns  No Forwarding Address
  By the open graves  The escape plan
  List of Corpse-Burners  The four friends…
  The “Malina"  All my beloved are gone
  Jewish Agents of the Gestapo  The Gathering in Honor of the New Year
  Young heroes (To the escapees from the Ninth Fort)  From the Ghetto to the Forest
  List of fighters of the ghetto from the fourth car  You left......
  A Slap in the Face  The Fate of the Corpse-Burners who Escaped
  The Arrest and End of the Commander of the Ninth Fort  Rudi, Rudolf, Franz Radif
  The Destiny of the Escapees  Vladislav Blum
  The Kurganov Brothers  Four of the Corpse-Burners
  Doctor Mikolas (Michael) Portnoy  Rabbi Gavriel Shusterman
  Testimony of Raphael Cholel (Aharon Cholok) of Bat Yam  The Forest of Ibenai
  Shmuel Chananovitch  Vladimir Sankin
  Miron Podolski  Anatoli Garnik’s (Rogovetz) Confession
  Dr. Moisei (Moshe) Semionovitch Nemionov  About a friendship one of the sixty-four
  Tzvi (Hirsh) Smoliakov Legend and Reality  Tell me who your friend is .......
  Alex Faitelson`s Speech  Editor Yehuda Tobin
  The true facts  Bottom
  Speech of Michael Itzchaki-Gelbtrunk  Meir Yellin-When you seek…