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Saturday, December 25 1943, 20.00  Shimon Eidlson came running with a caricature in his hand: a crude gesture aimed at a Gestapo officer. He said that Garnik asked my permission to hang the drawing on the wall before we left. I knew that Garnik was a gifted youngster but the fact that he could draw came as something of a surprise. I took the drawing and went with Eidlson to Garnik in a hurry. When Garnik admitted that he was the creator of the caricature, I asked him to draw from memory a day’s work at the “battlefield." Garnik drew what I requested in my presence.

The thought that Garnik was shot as a traitor gave me no peace. In May, 1964, I flew to Minsk.  I decided to turn to the Historical Institute attached to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Byelorussia. I found the report of Garnik's interrogation and 7 drawings from memory.  On page 228 of the material, it clearly stated that he was “shot as a traitor to the homeland during an attempt to escape. Major General V. Tchernishov."